Welcome to the Building and Construction Trades Council of South Central Wisconsin

Building Trades Council of South Central Wisconsin is decided to supplying professional, skilled and experienced manpower to contractors to suit their needs on a one-time or continuing basis. Each member of the Building Trades Council has served an apprenticeship to learn their trade on the job under the supervision of a master tradesman. Training is inclusive and covers every level of the trade so a thorough understanding of the entire process is gained.

In addition to providing our union members with valuable training and confidence in all aspects of their trade and the competence to work safely they also receive a family supporting wage, health insurance benefits and a pension. By working together our members and contractors produce safe building projects that come in on time and are cost effective.

Building Trades Council of South Central Wisconsin is proud to offer apprenticeships in all trades and constructions projects including; residential, commercial and industry. We highly encourage women and minorities to apply.

With Building Trades Council, you get a partner that will work with contractors, end users and local government to ensure that building projects get approved and are completed successfully without hang ups. Hiring union contractors helps the community because union contractors hire manpower from building trades unions, this ensures that the people building the project are from the area and that money used to finance the project will re-circulate in the community. Hiring a non-union contractor from out of the area means he will bring his workforce in to do the work and when the work is done he will leave and take his workforce with him. Our members live in the area and take pride in the community and the work that they do.

President: Steve Breitlow Plumbers Local 75

Vice President: Tim DeMinter Iron Workers Local 383

Secretary/Treasurer: Jeff Mehrhoff IUPAT DC7


Jim Vick Bricklayers and Allied Crafts Local 13

Mark Gauf Operating Engineers Local 139

Scott Bartz SMART Local 18

Sergeant at Arms: Dan Burke Laborers Local 464

Executive Director: Dave Branson Building and Construction Trades Council of South Central Wisconsin 1602 South Park St, Room 204 Madison WI 53715

(608) 256-3161 (Office) | (608) 770-1021 (Cell)